Recent Before & After Photos

Moldy Wall

this customer had severe mold damage to their wall, we found the source, dried and treated it accordingly.

Wet Insulation in Ceiling

This customer had water damage to the insulation in their ceiling, we were able to remove all the wet material and dry the area completely

Water Damage to Ceiling

Water Damage to this ceiling was caused from a pipe leak, the affected material was removed, the room was dried and is now ready for new drywall installation. READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage Before and After

This is an example of water damage in a ceiling, that was not remediated soon enough, time is of the essence in these situations!

Water Damage in Home

Here is a photo of some nasty water damage to a pipe burst from the floor above in a residential home. Our crew was dispatched quickly, they arrived and cleaned... READ MORE

Mold Damage

Here is a customer is Glenshaw, Pa that had mold damage in the garage ceiling, we removed the affected area and treated with an ant-microbial agent.

Damage to Wall

This wall was water damaged, we removed the drywall and insulation, cleaned it up and then additional material was added where needed to restore the wall. READ MORE

Concrete Wall Water Damage

Showing concrete wall before and after water damage from storm. Water damage came through the cinder block wall, causing paint to chip and bubble. We scraped th... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Garage Ceiling

Example of water damage in a garage, ceiling affected by a pipe leak. We removed the affected drywall and insulation and sprayed with an anti-microbial agent to... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Services

Example of a mold infestation due to water damage from heavy storms. Surface was cleaned and sanitized, then treated with an anti-microbial agent. READ MORE