Photo Gallery

Faulty Pipe

Faulty Pipe

Faulty Pipes in the home can cause water damage to your walls, floors and ceilings.

Water Damage to drywall

Water Damaged Drywall

This customer had water damage to the drywall on a bulkhead, due to heavy rains

Wall Damage From Pipe Leak

In this photo the customer had severe wall damage from a pipe leak.

Wet Basement Floor

This was a wet basement floor in Gibsonia, Pa. due to flooding. We quickly dried it with our dehumidification equipment.

Wall with Water Damage

Here is a photo of wall damage as a result of a roof leak. Our techs responded quickly to remove and dry the affected area.

Kitchen Fire

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Wexford, Pa. when we arrived on the scene. There was significant smoke and soot damage. The owner couldn't believe how quickly and completely we were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling.

Ceiling After

Photo of a water damaged ceiling after replacing affected tiles. A new matching tile was installed to replace the one removed.

Ceiling Before

Photo of a water damaged ceiling tile due to a pipe leak. The tile is unsalvageable, so it was removed, discarded properly, and replaced with a new matching tile.

Utility Sink After

Here is an after photo of a cleaned up utility sink.

Utility Sink Before

Here is an example of a dirty utility sink.

Tub After

Example of cleaning services tub shown here after cleaning

Tub Before

Example of cleaning services tub shown here before cleaning

Sink After

Example of cleaning services sink shown here after cleaning

Sink Before

Here is an example of one of our many cleaning services, a rust stained sink, before being cleaned. After assessing the stain and determining the cause, it will need treated with an anti-rust product to remove the rust.

Microbial growth before

Here is an example Microbial growth before it has been treated.

Microbial Growth After

Here is an example Microbial growth after it has been treated.